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On a recent visit to Sao Paulo, New York artist Deb Berman mounted her piece Human Canvas outside the Museu de Arte Sao Paulo (‘MASP-y’). It’s an invitation for passers-by to paint on her white clothes, and on her skin. She was concerned that they might not participate; little chance of that!

Underneath the MASP arches

MASP is suspended on two huge red right-angled arches. The cobbled open space beneath is a natural venue for public art. Street traders sell ethnic bracelets, artists show and sell their work, and buskers play, the building acting as their sound shell. A little dog wanders around, the occasional eccentric shouts and dances to the music. The space swallows it all.

Afternoon traffic streams by on Avenida Paulista

Avenida Paulista is at the heart of Sao Paulo’s business district, so there are plenty of passers-by. They gather in knots of ten or twenty to watch, and to pick up a brush. Most are travellers and tourists; the businessmen are still in their escritorios. People pose beside their handiwork, smiling and giving the camera the thumbs-up. Almost everyone joins in.

Eyes on the human canvas

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Soft Tree, Pinheiros, Sao Paulo

The Brasilian visual sense is very strong. Walking back from the supermarket, I came upon this novel way to advertise soft furnishings. Coupled with the jazz standards broadcasting from her pickup truck, this struck me as typically inventive Brasilian visual play, just as evident as in the murals and graffiti. And it works well as advertising too; I bought three cushions from la patronne, a carioca who lives in Sao Paulo away from her family for her business.

Soft Tree Close Up

P.S. Here’s what she does with the tree for Christmas!

2012-12-24 14.08.14

Soft tree December

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